Monday, December 1, 2008

Cerebral Seepage

These few days I find my mind wandering more and more from the places it should be to the places it wants to be. I find myself waxing, with greater frequency, as my thoughts ebbed and flow down the ripples of eventuality. And I looked back and wonder... Why do I still think of such broken things...

Sometimes I'll catch myself mid-sentence, about to explain how I believe the global population explosion has rendered the communal consciousness not only incoherent, but totally dangerous and dementia inducing to anyone who hears it. How the uber-thought now makes no sense, leaving us without a prevailing zeitgeist and thus no soul. How recurrent exposure has sewn corporate symbols into the fabric of comparative religious sense, raising golden arched effigies and bespectacled antichrists asking: 'where would you like to go today?'. How the eventual demise of businesses became the genesis of an economic triage.

More and more I wonder if I'm doing everything I could to stem the tide of global erosion. If I am fighting the system from the inside - or if I have really gone native in the land of the enemy. If a stint of social sabotage or paradigm terrorism isn't in order to reaffirm my position as an avid seeker of the long lost human spirit. If playing the everyday zombie hasn't sucked away my lust for karmic redress and sophoclasm...

...and then I'll come back here to you and realise revolution can start with a few simple keystrokes.

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