Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Line Between Us

Imagine relationships as threads and strings, it runs down your bed, through your door, to your car, to the city and through all the people that encapsulate your daily habitual customaries. It brings you to places, to memories, to feelings you thought you’ve never felt before.

These strings weave and wove, forging relationships and anything along these heartstrings… With each thread pulled, our heart spins like a spool, twining out trust and a piece of ourselves with each circumvolution. The more we spun, the more we reveal our inner self, till we are able to find someone who could see the whites of our spools, someone who will eventually venture into our inner recesses. Even though we know at some point these strings will snap, we kept weaving. Searching of that someone whom we can face with no reserves. Someone whom we will truly open up to… And in between we colour the lives of others and ours as we became the seamstress of our own destiny.

And when the time comes, we either find that person or lose them altogether… Though the threads of fate have severed, but what ever has been woven in my heart remains. As we tied the knots to the end of our relationship, I know it will never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I liked your blog. Especially your post about melancholy back from 2008. I am prone to bouts of melancholy too from time to time. Even when I'm "happy" or "excited" I am never absolutely happy or excited; it's always tinged with a tint of melancholy.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you are a Scorpio. They have very deep feelings.