Monday, September 15, 2008


In this dark world of Necropolis, clouds overcame the sun’s radiant light, the bull that once rallied has been devoured by the bear and darkness engulfs the spectrum of every mind and thought. Rumbles of tremor can be felt at the outskirts of the cities as the news sets the mood on the moment of despair. Leaders of greater force braced for an impending Armageddon, no matter how futile it might be.

Men dressed in dark clothing, coats and flashy tags mourned in the front of the plasmas and LCDs drenched in the seas of red, in this part of the world we call Asia... Sharing the same sentiments along many others chained to the ripple effect of globalisation. We bled not through our gelatinous cage, but through the numericalness of our lives. We mourned not for the deaths or tragedy that is isochronous in this world, but for the demise of conglomerates and banks.

The end of the humanity is at hand, not by god’s will nor Mother Nature, neither is it by a plague that ends all breathing. But the devastation of a system we humans advertently crescent.

At the end of day, we have only ourselves to blame...

Tomorrow the bloodletting continues...

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