Sunday, October 19, 2008


When alcohol becomes a remedy to a broken conviction, all that is left is to expunge the sobriety out of a person. To numb the pain with trickles of inebriation, like worries flushed down the faucets of reality. Heartstrings soaked in wine and sinful eye candies, with smiley facades the only asylum to keep the forlornness within.

Once I was the person in front of me. Now I am, the person facing the past me. I never thought such a day would come back full circle to me - To shine light upon the lovelessness of another. Hypocritical admonishments the only solace to a broken heart, presence and company became a tranquilizer on drip to a loveless soul, rendering it still and keeping it sane a drip at a time.

Brokened hearts, shattered dreams, splinters of the mirror shying back at me... When a connection detached between a man and a woman, this became the eventuality... It is times like these, I pray that I do not fall in love again... For love is a condition falser than the vows made in wine.

Because when I drink in love, I sink faster than you can say gravity...

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