Thursday, February 21, 2008

The World I See

I see, destruction along the fiscal motivation of captilisation. I see, death beckoning on the sides of freedom and revenge. I see, information packed in packages called zips and traded for gratification. All in all, I see manularity facing extinction.

A future where plastic keyboards becomes the canvas of artists and scholars, speakers and soundcards replacing the once harmonious melody of instruments. Metallic hands and artificial intelligence subrogating the nimble fingers and the rationalality of a surgeon. Wars will soon be fought by machines and numbers, not men. Fingers, signatures and emails will be the tools of war, not guns... Sacrifices will become mere statistics, tabulated to lay the pages of histories. We are entering into a world of automation... Soon, even we will be automated...

Soon it will not be us inventing things, but the system that we have built upon the eons of human knowledge and evolution. Soon, even our thoughts will be a hardware, even ourselves will become slaves to the abominations we have created...
When the time comes, we can kiss this derelict vapid world goodbye.

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